We have come halfway down to 2018; a myriad of developments have taken in the field of Augmented Reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain etc. Don’t get confused this blog is about graphic design trends. Graphic design is not too far behind, it is high time to take the risks in graphic design and stand out from the rest. You can’t do it with the old approach as those things won’t matter in contemporary times.

1. Multiple Colors Usage for Branding

From a long time, the companies used to use only a few selected colors for all the branding purposes which include graphic, logo etc. It worked too as people were able to recognize them online and social media networks.

Let bygones be bygones. Today, branding is more impactful than before even with different colors which make them creative. 

2. Color Gradients Will Come Back

Solid colors are good but the color gradient is creative. In 2018, you will find it from Twitter headers to a number of websites. Instagram has taken a long leap and used it widely in their logos and other branding materials.

Color gradients add a look and feel to the website in place of a single solid color background. It allows you to be more creative with your user interface.

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3. More creative social media graphics

It’s good that you are posting images on social media channels. But you really want to be big; you should start creating out-of-the-box social media graphics. Like a famous saying, a picture is enough than writing a thousand words.  The penetration of social media is excellent and engaging your prospect customers can enhance the engagement.

4. Use Unconventional Colors

Never feel afraid of taking risks, one of the biggest risks is always inherent in the color you use. It depends on you how many more or less number of colors you include in your color palette. While including some new colors may be risky but it can overhaul your complete branding. This year has already witnessed the wide use of bold colors.

So, take risks, pick few colors and list them as your unofficial brand colors and use it across your branding. 

5. Bold & Handwritten Fonts Will Dominate

The meaning of creative differs from person to person. Sometimes things work and make things out-of-the-box otherwise looks dull. Handwritten fonts can grab more eyeballs to make your designs extraordinary. Use these fonts in the social media graphics including infographics, Facebook ads, motivational quotes etc.

Brands like Adidas, Adobe have used the bold and handwritten fonts to create strong visual brand over the past few years.

6. More Customized Illustrations

Illustrations are taking a big lead over the image based graphics. But now the trend will be of customized icons and illustrations. It had started with the start of this year and today it is widely used in the video and animations.

Create some custom illustrations instead of using boring photos. If you need Brand Identity Design Services, get in touch with us.

7. GIFs For Greater Engagement Rate

GIFs are the one the best things that have taken the internet by storm. They help you to show how you feel. In 2018, the brands or companies have used the GIFs to a large extent. It’s is not limited, it has a scope of using in infographics. Irrespective of the platform, it will grab everyone’s attention. It fulfills your purpose and foster conversation with the audience. You should also start using GIFs in the article or blog.

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