You have come halfway in 2018 and 2019 is about to start. The journey of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so far is good; it has helped the businesses a lot over the years. Today, the aim of SEO is no longer about bringing the website on the top pages. Like the development, it has carved out its own importance. Top SEO Companies in India are focusing on new trends snippets, voice search, visual content, chatbots etc. to name a few to which have delivered results.

Old strategies are still viable, frankly not have become obsolete totally but with new technologies are taking SEO to a whole new level. SEO helps to increase the search traffic but the following trends are not necessarily related to organic search. You should hire the best SEO expert in India who has excellent professional history to achieve the desired results.

Following are some latest SEO trends you need to implement in your digital marketing strategy:

1.       Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP was rolled out by Google to compete with Facebook’s instant articles. Though the first AMP page was launched in 2016, this revolutionary thing in terms of speed did not take off like what was expected. AMP pages load faster and quickly on any browser than regular website pages. It has become a thing of prime importance since internet consumption on mobile devices has increased exponentially.

This is something that you can’t expect the Best SEO Company in India to do as this task is materialized by the developers. You should consider the integration of AMP so that your users can easily access your web pages instantly on any smartphone.

2.       Voice Search will be the key aspect

The virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Amazon Home have made things easier for you but have increased the additional workload for web developers. It is a blessing in a disguise as it saves users’ time and most users are using voice search facility on their smartphones. You may not be using it today but it is likely that its users are surely going to increase in upcoming years. So, your SEO strategy should be created keeping this aspect in mind. Hire a top SEO services agency who knows how to use Google Voice search functionality for your benefits.

3.       Mobile-friendly responsive websites

The recent years have witnessed a high inclination of users towards mobile internet consumption. High online usability on mobile devices has forced online businessmen and entrepreneurs to design responsive websites. A responsive website would mean high conversion rates and click through. Your business should be accessible to all users, more importantly, the mobile users are in large numbers, and all screens.  It has been seen that mobile responsive websites have increased conversions by 1.5 times.  This technique is picking the momentum and the SEO experts should be ready to use it to high search traffic with conversions as well.

4.       “Linkless” backlinks for trust signals

If you are thinking of creating your brand, then it is a must. Linkless means that you are not giving any links to your website rather you are only mentioning the name of your brand. It is nothing less than a revolution in the field of search engine optimization where everything used to be revolving around the backlinks. In linkless backlink, there is a simple mention of the business name or brand’s name by other internet visitors.

Search engines pick up these linkless backlinks or mentions and use them as trust signals. Search Engine Optimization Company usually works on backlinks while the linkless backlinks are created by the users. Not all comment or mentions are positive so you should consider hiring someone to monitor like an online reputation management company.

5.       Visual content to bring traffic from Google images directly

You all heard of a line that a picture is enough to say a thousand words. Now, internet users are more driven by the visuals than the content or text. Visual content is more likely to grab attention than bookmarking and classifieds. There is an intense battle among the companies for the users, so it’s better you start paying attention to optimizing the visual content for search engine optimization. Optimizing visual content also includes compressing the image size without losing the quality so that the pages load quickly. Doing this, you will have the opportunity to attract traffic straight from Google Images.

6.       Rich Snippets Are Grabbing The Attention

Google has unfolded a new feature from its cap: Snippets. It gives a complete and precise answer to users’ queries. When you search on Google, a short description and some other information show up along with links of the website. It can be in the form of a paragraph or a sequence of bullets and numbers. Rich snippets are likely to produce favorable SEO results for you. Don’t forget to hire the Best Search Engine Optimization Services to implement this aspect into your website.

7.       Interactive Chatbots to decrease bounce rate

In 2018, the functionality of chatbots on websites has started to become a trend. It has a set of answers to a predefined set of questions. The users get the answers to all their queries instantly optimizing the time of your staff. While framing the answers for the queries, use your keywords wisely. Today, it is not popular then tomorrow it will. It increases the customers’ involvement and initiates conversation and interaction like a company’s representatives. Unlike the traditional method, a chatbot can provide 24x7 customer support. The qualities of chatbots like quick communication, interactive conversation, and excellent support will help the SEO experts to bring down the bounce rates.

Some of the above SEO trends were introduced in 2018 or in 2017 but the probability of their success is still higher in 2019 without any fundamental changes in it. Hire the top SEO Services Company in India who can make the most of these SEO trends. If you are looking for a top SEO company in India, get in touch with us at

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