Ecommerce websites have come a long way after Jeff Bezos founded in 1994. That sound like a revolution but not relevant in today’s perspective as thousands of ecommerce stores have launched. When someone decides to run an ecommerce website, his ultimate aim is to satisfy the customers and earn maximum profits. Other than the back-end process, an ecommerce website should be well planned and designed in a manner to yield maximum ROI. 

When you consider developing your ecommerce website, you should avoid considering some essential elements in web design. Avoid the following mistakes to make your ecommerce website a successful business. 

1.    Unattractive and Low-Quality Graphic Design

Ecommerce websites need to be colorful which appeal the visitors to purchase. Low quality graphics designs/images look dull and unattractive. The website that is designed aesthetically is likely to receive more visitors’ traffic. The more you receive the visitors; the sales will also increase on your website.     

2.    Usage of Small Fonts

Your visitors don’t have magnifiers in hand. Surely, you don’t want it. But if you use small fonts in your ecommerce website, either visitor will zoom in and read the content, and they will switch to another website. You don't expect the latter thing to happen.  If it happens, your sales will decrease as your visitors tend to leave the website. 

3.    Lack of Filter Navigation

Your ecommerce website should have filters in the navigation. It allows the buyers to look for the product of their choice. The filter like price range, company name, color, products, etc. helps users to find the relevant products only. And if you ask the reason behind this, it is pretty simple how you will find out your product out of millions. Having filter navigation can solve the problem of the visitor.  

4.    No Search Bar or Advanced Search Bar

If the visitor doesn’t know about the product category, then a search bar could help. In the search bar, a visitor can type the product name and resultantly the product show up. 

5.    Compulsory Login or Registration

To make the purchase, the visitors have to log in the details on the ecommerce websites. This is really annoying as the user have to fill the details every time. You can avoid using this feature on your website to make it more user-friendly. You can integrate the social media networks to log in. 

6.    Poor Customer Services information

If your website doesn’t have the contact details of your customer care support, it can result in negative perception over the customers. It is good to maintain transparency about the online merchants since they purchase items and pay them. 

7.    Broken or Missing Stuff

Whether you are an established ecommerce business or only a startup, you can’t afford to have broken links and missing images. Every single link should redirect to a page. Every website includes the information about the product in the form of content and images. If you have broken links and some products don’t have images, you are not offering a good experience to your users.  

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