People in the 21st century are enticed by their smartphones. Most of us are even addicted to it. There have been approximately 143.6 billion app downloads in 2021 alone. That’s one of the reasons why businesses are turning to top app development companies to get their business en route to success. Businesses don’t want to give away this amazing opportunity to reach their audience, customers, and users, with ease.

According to a report published in the Times of India, the average hours spent on a mobile device per day is 4.5 hours, according to a study conducted by App Annie, a mobile data and analytics firm. 

Another study by 11k RescueTime users found that people spend around 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on phones in the United States. 

In this blog, we will talk about the importance of hiring an app development company and what advantages they bring to the table to take your business to the next level of growth. 

Read along. The real deal is about to crack open.

App Development Companies Help Create a Strong First Impression

We have all heard about ‘first impression being the last impression’ since childhood. It’s more true in the 21st century where the attention span of human beings has drastically reduced. We pay attention to what meets the expectation of our eyes. We have our preferences of brands based on those expectations. That’s why having a general app for your business isn’t just enough. Your business needs a classy and customisable app that concerns the expectations of your audience and customers looking to use your services or buy your products.

So, let’s check out what you will get by hiring an app development company. Like what services you will get, in what areas will they help you, etc.

What Services Do App Development Companies Offer?

Some of the app development services include:

  • User Interface Transformation

  • Services for application integration

  • Development of cloud-native applications

  • Quality control and test automation

Why App Development Companies can be Important for Your Business?

The purpose of every business is to serve its customers and attain customer satisfaction. It’s important to realise that 100% of customers are humans. Your business is not serving robots. 

Ease of Purchase

Customers frequently do not want to use a company's website for a variety of reasons. By downloading a mobile app, customers have access to the entire catalogue with relative ease. Customers like to ease their way into purchasing an item. Every single window needs to be relatively accessible. 

All critical information related to pricing, shipping and other important details, are displayed clearly. The final payment process is also streamlined and integrated with the app. 

Receiving notifications

Mobile apps are an excellent way for business owners to communicate with their existing customer base. Various events such as product launches discounted sales, and rewards can be sent to customers as notifications, which is critical for maintaining the number of customers.

One-Click Access

Consumers benefit from mobile apps because the purchasing process is simple. It quickly and efficiently relays all relevant business and product information to customers, saving them time. All information is on the tip in one click. 


Mobile apps help in the smooth scheduling of requests, appointments, and complaints of customers. This helps in easily resolving and updating the status of such queries. The possibility of customer assistance increases with mobile apps.

Now let’s look at the benefits that app development companies bring to the table.

Advantages of Developing an App For Your Company 

App development agencies can prove to be splendid for your company’s growth. Since we had already learnt about the importance of developing an app for your business, let’s have a look at the abundance of benefits an app can offer to your customers and users.

Here are the top benefits offered by app development companies:

  1. Provides added value to your customers

  2. Improves your brand's visibility

  3. Extremely Scalable

  4. Increases your company's profit 

  5. Increasing the number of customers

  6. Interacting with customers on the go

  7. Changing the retail experience

  8. Retaining customers: even when they are not buying from you, they will still check your products and services. 

  9. Converting your users into customers gets easier with an app.

We’ll talk about each advantage and its impact on your business in detail in another blog. 


Nowadays, a mobile app is a must-have in marketing, serving as an important part of customer relations. The points raised above highlight the process of developing a mobile app can benefit both the business owner and the customers. This is why, to remain competitive in today's market, most businesses prefer to hire mobile app developers. 

How can Dream Steps Help You? 

Working with the right app development team can help you gain a competitive advantage. An app developer’s role is to solve problems for their clients while focusing on their company's success. We have expert app developers who can turn your expectations and objectives into a reality.

Dream Steps has a team of expert app developers and UX/UI designers who work on projects collectively. This helps them in brainstorming and think out of the box. Our team members command 7+ years of average experience in web development. 

Together we can dream great things and turn them into reality. 

Because together, we can. 

Let’s talk. Reach out to us.

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