For digital marketers, it is a big question which they should go for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or an organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Both have different usability, and it depends on your company goals. When looking for a PPC or SEO services, ask yourself a few questions? Is your product is new? Do your customers need to research before purchasing your product or service? Is everyone familiar with or aware of your presence in your industry?

SEO Vs. PPC Analysis

SEO is all about targeting keywords and rank higher in the organic search engine results and optimizing the website. There are hundreds of factors that work to bring your website higher in the search results like the backlinks, how much people have interacted with your website etc.

On the other hand, PPC is buying an advertising space by paying the amount. Specific keywords are targeted on the search engine results, and they appear above all the searches with a yellow tag labeled ‘Ad.’  The organic search displayed in the space below. 

Is Your Organic SEO better than PPC? 

It depends on your goals. In the longer term, you need to include search engine optimization in your web marketing strategy. The general perspective says the people don’t consider PPC as credible. A large number of people ignore what shows up first, as a result of paid results while surfing on the search engines.

SEO has the edge over PPC because it brings the businesses good and quality traffic leads. There are bundles of research and data that considers ‘Natural Search’ far better than PPC when it comes to credibility and establishing your brand as a leading player in your industry. The people are likely to trust the company, who appear on the first page and is organic searches, and their products and services.

If PPC is expensive, SEO services don’t come for free. You have to invest in hiring a top SEO company which will eventually manage your SEO strategy.

Don’t Shrug off PPC totally

PPC has a lot of advantages to offer where SEO fails to do so. If you set your PPC campaign correctly, you might see good returns on the investment. Paying for the number one ad spot does not make your website appear in the top results. When someone searches on Google, the latter’s work is to come up with the best results for the user. If your ad is not solving the problem of the user, probably your ad will not show up first. 

When you opt for PPC, you also have an added advantage of appearing on different websites. So, if one does not click your ad on the search, then he or she will definitely click your ad if they see it on other websites.


Pay-Per-Click is good if you are new to online business since it will generate immediate traffic. Search Engine Optimization takes some time in building page authority and gets indexed for the right search terms. SEO brings the most qualified leads but takes some time. But SEO strategies like titles, backlinking, website optimization, etc. will help your PPC results. Both PPC and SEO are tools with their advantages and disadvantages, so do it correctly whatever tool you choose. 

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