Want to plan your social media strategy better? There are many tools you can use for social media scheduling. A good workflow is required to plan and execute the plans better. It ensures coordination within your team for the proposed social media strategy.

Here are some of the premier tools for planning an impactful and results-driven social media strategy:

  • ContentCal

It is easy to use and powerful social media scheduler. You can put your social media calendar in one place and aid in the planning and approval stages. This platform is versatile; you can add your team members, clients and management. The role is assigned to every person; if one creates the content, another person reviews it and makes suggestions.

No one can publish the content by none other than the manager himself, so, in case of mistakes, he will rectify them before publishing. ContentCal allows you to add multiple social media accounts and separate them into different calendars. The content analysis and performance can be analyzed like followers, growth, engagement, best posting times, etc. The best thing is you can respond to messages and comments while monitoring social media activity.

  • CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a great option to amplify all marketing campaigns. It is easy to use, but you must invest time learning its various features and making the most of them. It allows you to create a calendar for your marketing efforts, including social media, email marketing, and other campaigns. 

You can outline each step in workflow templates for the marketing campaign. Before scheduling, you can create and plan your calendar. You can schedule or publish the best ideas in the calendar. Without leaving your browser, you can schedule the updates in bulk and share other content you find online. A manager can track and review all the progress of the team.

Other features like Best Time Scheduling which schedules your updates for the best possible times and is based on analytics. ReQueue re-posts your top-performing social media post using artificial intelligence to avoid the gaps in the schedule.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the popular social media tools. In the business plan, you can add 5-10 team members and get the most features. Like the tools mentioned above, you can add users/team members and set their permissions. Custom permissions are also a feature to allow them to take fixed actions. Team members can give their suggestions in draft space before publishing the content. 

In Hootsuite, you get all the social media management features, including the social media calendar, scheduling your updates, monitoring, analysis etc.

  • Sprout Social

It is a major social media management tool with the main features for team collaboration. Sprout Social has a shared publishing calendar to plan the content. You can permit someone who can approve the update, and other team members cannot. The team members can save their content ideas, discuss them, and refine them for publishing. 

Apart from social media planning, you get myriad features like collaborating with your team, checking the team's performance and knowing how much time your team has spent on completing the tasks.


You are taking the wrong road if you rely on too many social media collaboration tools. You should use one tool instead, where you can collaborate by discussing ideas, approving them, scheduling, and publishing the updates. Not to mention, you will save many hours for planning and scheduling the social media content.

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