Android smartphones are quite popular around the world; the reason is they are available at very cheap rates. Availability, affordable and new trends have revolutionized the mobile app industry. In every quarter, new technologies emerge and take place of the old ones. Your previous generations had not seen what you are experiencing today, and the coming generations might see something really advanced.

Top Trends of Android Application Development

1.    Android Instant Apps

The Android Instant Apps is one of the most fascinating things; the users don’t need to install them. They, the users, can access those apps on their phone via deep linking.

•    Android Instants Apps comes with a myriad of advantages.

•    Today, we are facing problems with data storage in smartphones. In these apps, the users don’t have to download the app as they use it very rarely.

•    These apps are accessible in the areas where the internet connection is slow.

It was invented 2 years back and within a short period, its popularity is at its peak. 500 million devices support the technology.

2. App Security

The companies are concerned about the app security following the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal and other reports of malware attacks. Google Play has removed over 700,000 poor-quality and potentially harmful apps.  Play store follows now a strict policy for new apps. So, make sure that your Android App Development Company keeps this substantial aspect in mind and deliver you only the top quality mobile application for your business.

3. Android Jetpack

Thanks to this cut-throat competition in business, the client usually asks Android Application Developer to create android apps in less time. Without using proper tools, this task is impossible. The inception of Android Jetpack allows the app developers to create mobile apps quickly without compromising the quality.

4. Android Things

The concept of Android things, an Android-based embedded operating system platform by Google, is old. It was announced in 2015 Google I/O conference where it got everyone’s attention. With technology like this, an app developer is equipped to create an IoT device supported by Google.

5. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

When you are at a place where the internet is slow in such a case, your website will take too much time to load. In order to avoid that, these pages load faster than the usual process.

While taking Android Application Development Services, make sure that you get a compressed version of HTML (AMP) that make mobile pages load faster.

Here’s how AMP pages help:

•    Improve user engagement

•    Websites built on AMP take less time to load

•    Excellent user experience

•    Lower bounce rates

•    Boost search rankings

The above advantages are one of the reasons that more than 31 million domains have started using AMP for faster and better mobile web experiences.

An android application developer has an excellent career but if you are unaware of the latest trends and technology, your company might refuse to pay you a high salary.  This is why a number of Android App Development Companies organize workshops on the new technology. For high-quality and affordable Android Application Development Services, feel free to visit

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