2018 is going to put the break on the current trends of digital marketing, and the trends are likely to change a lot. It’s high time for the companies to start paying attention, or else they may be forced. Tomorrow, digital marketing needs to emerge in the sense of technologies to become more visible and reach more consumers since customers demand a more integrated experience.

1.    Augmented Reality Integrated Through Social Media

Today social apps are integrated with augmented reality to makes mobile devices more powerful. Tomorrow the brands will be using the same AR to engage with consumers in a better way. For example, a brand could run a sponsored content at a spot using the location of mobile at that time which will be accessed by the people roaming around in that area.

2.    Collapse Of The Influencer Market

Brands have squandered millions on influencers. The brands need to explore alternative marketing as they are getting any results spending on these influencers.

 3.    More Targeted Ads With Specific Purpose

The advertisements were served to people on a daily basis irrespective of the screen like mobile, laptop and desktop. People rarely pay attention to them as they pop up everywhere. The mobile ads will see major growth in 2018 including all social media platforms.

4.    Professional Live Video

Believe it or not, live video is a great way to connect with the audience is curious about how the company is doing a particular task. But from now the audience will not accept those shaking videos, shot in dim light rather it should be more professional.

5.    Conversational User Interfaces

Google’s Assitant, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, chatbots, etc. is an excellent way to interact with the user in a way they get entertained also. It will continue to go at the same rate in the daily lives of the consumers.

6.    Video Marketing

Video marketing has a positive impact on your business since digital content is more popular and influential. When the attention spans of the brand decrease, they rely on creating video content to increase the engagement rate, boost search engine rankings and website traffic rates. 

7.    Different Kind Of Content Marketing

Content marketing has evolved as the new formats came in, the blog posts and listicles don’t work anymore; the popularity of video is one of the reasons. Content will integrate with other UI features for interactivity.


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