Have you done anything to make your website compatible for voice search? If not, then this is for you. Research proves that 30% of all the website sessions will be conducted using voice search by 2020. SEO Experts in India should better be ready to grab this opportunity to garner more visitors. A voice search offers more comfort in a way for users that they don’t need to browse the products/services physically when browsing is possible with your voice. 

What Is Voice Search? 

In voice search, a user speaks into a device instead of typing keywords to generate desired search results. A website is equipped with audio technology for speech recognition to understand the meaning precisely. After recognition the speech, the search engine will deliver results orally to the user.

Voice search is not new, and it has been in the news for a long time. Speech-to-text and voice dialling are excellent examples of voice search. You all are familiar with Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana, which a famous example used daily by millions of users.

Different brands are optimizing their interfaces to be compatible with voice search. Like Amazon’s Alexa can search seamlessly on Wikipedia and shop on Amazon.

Voice Search & Search Engine Optimization

You need to make it convenient for the users to search your brand/website. Voice search is an extraordinary technology to increase user experience. The past year has witnessed a new trend where Google is emphasizing on voice search optimization.

The work of the Best SEO Agency in India is to make you searched by the users as soon as possible. In January 2018, one billion voice searches were performed every month by the users. The data shows: voice search is on the rise.

Traditional website SEO and voice search SEO are totally different. It is important for SEO Consultants in India to remember this difference. Some factors affect website ranking but they may or may not have the same effect on voice search and vice versa.

Following are some tips to optimize your website for voice search:

1. Loading Speed Matters

Whether it is traditional SEO or Google voice search, both demands quick loading time to ensure it lists on the top. Few things to do:

a)    Responsiveness of the website across all devices.

b)    Optimized images

c)    Compressed files to reduce size

d)    Utilize website caching to improve page speed

e)    Reduce your server’s response time 

2.    Different Search Phrases for Both 

A user writes in a concise manner for browsing on desktop or mobile. If a user needs a web developer, he would type ‘top web development companies’ on Google. But when it comes to voice search, he would rather for long a phrase ‘Who are the top web development companies in the world?’

When optimizing your content for voice search, don't forget to include more natural and long-tail keywords instead of short keywords, which go well with desktop SEO. Your information should readable by all users irrespective of age, gender and education.  

3.    Include Featured Snippet 

On an average, the voice search result is about 29 words long. For more impact, an SEO expert should create a featured snipped.  It is also known as answer box, position zero and quick answers. In short, it is a summary of the entire web page. The snippet shows up, after the paid ads, in regular search listings. It should include the long-tail keywords, H-tags, lists and bullet points. 

4.    Focus on Local Searches 

Of all the search queries made, 22% is for the location-based answer. For more visitors, use the phrase like ‘near me.’ While reading out the results, if voice search uses ‘According to ___?’ it increases the brand awareness and credibility among the users. 


Google uses the same algorithm to rank websites for both traditional and modern voice search SEO. The latter improves brand awareness, revenue and online purchases. A data shows that Amazon has generated revenue of $1.8 billion through voice search eCommerce results. It is expected to increase to $40 billion by the year 2022. It is new but you should be the first one to use it right now that will give you an edge over your competitors. Doing this, voice search rankings of your brand will be on the top which will directly benefit you with growing your brand long-term. 

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