A tick, an apple, four rings, etc. Do any of the previous words ring a bell? Tick is the logo of Nike, an apple of Apple Inc. and four rings of Audi. A logo is a graphical display of a company’s unique identity which is developed by using colors, fonts, and images. The purpose of a logo is to let the people identify the company or the brand every time they see the logo.

Irrespective of the industry, the logo designs are kept simple so that the people can memorize and recall it quickly. It takes hard work to make simple things simple. Colors, visual appeal and the uniqueness of the brand should be reflected in the company’s logo.

Wait, all the above things look impossible, but it’s possible to design a killer logo. But one needs to keep some quintessential rules of logo designs in order for the goal. Whether you are a graphic designer or a business owner, this helpful advice is undoubtedly going to help you.

 1.    Incorporate the Brand’s Essence and Values

You often heard the brands saying about their USP. Every brand has a unique value that represents what the brand is all about. All the essence of the brand, the company’s core values, and its attitude should be incorporated into the logo.

For example, you need to create a logo for a company that produces drinks; logo should focus on its features like refreshment and hydrating, etc.

A logo design should start with research, brainstorming about the different aspects then write down the ideas. 

2.    Know Color Psychology

The color psychology is actually a science that studies the meaning of a specific color and how it is perceived by the people. A good graphic designer should study the color psychology because it is an excellent source of ideas for the colors to be used in logo design.

According to color psychologists, red color has been widely perceived as energy, danger, power, determination, love, and passion. KFC, H&M, Levi’s and Coca-Cola have used red in their logo branding. Same like with yellow that is associated with innovation and optimism. Basically, every color has a meaning, and the brands should use it accordingly.

3.    Don’t be a Copycat

Heard of copyright issues? There are lots of issues related to copyright infringement around the world. Forget about copying someone’s idea. This is what you want people to call you a ‘copycat.’ No, surely you don’t want it to happen. Other than all this, you should remember about your brand and why you have created; the hard work you put in your company and all things should not go in vain because of a logo.

Apart from the copyright issues, the people will not remember your brand because it will remind them of a different company and the reason behind is you copied their logo. When you draw your logo, you should perform an internet search to check if it is an original version or a copied one.

4.    Simple Logos left Great Impression

 The world’s best companies have kept their logos simple like Microsoft, Google, and Nike, etc. Thanks to the significant marketing efforts, the company can be recognized by its logo.

Make your logo flexible as the design of the logo may be changed as the company will grow.  Don’t restrict your creativity using common elements like lines, circles, and rings, etc.

5.    Know the Power of Typography 

There are hundreds of fonts out there to use in your logos. Every font reflects something. Serif is a little bit traditional. For the modern look, try the fonts from the Sans-Serif. If you want your text to look carefree or formal, Script font is recommended.

Travel companies can use the handwritten script. Serif is used to look traditional; Sans-Serif is a good idea if your brand produces innovative products. 

Make most out of these tips to a make a killer logo that represents the uniqueness of your brand! If you want a badass logo for your company, don’t forget to check our services page.


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