If you tired of hearing the website design companies telling you that they are charging more just because of delivering a fully responsive design and website. Then this blog is for you. 

A responsive website means a website that provides optimal viewing and interaction experience to users that is simple to resize, easy to read, pan or scrolls up and down on both desktop and mobile devices. The chances of visitors holding onto your website will be more if they find your website user-friendly. 

There are some reasons which will prompt you to make your website responsive:

1.    High number of people using mobile for internet

Surfing on the smartphones becomes a universal phenomenon. The number of desktop users has decreased drastically since all the same features are now accessible in phones. Research shows that even when there is PC available 77% of people opt mobile for internet surfing. The businesses can tap this emerging market with an excellent responsive website. 

2.    Increased User Engagement

When a user visits a particular website, then he looks for the specific information, but if he finds it inconvenient, then he may leave your website. There can be many reasons like the confusing information, but one of the prominent reasons is non-responsive design. In most of the cases like these, users left the website immediately and the chances of which are 71%.  However, the users are more likely to stay on the responsive websites and show interest in the services and products. 

3.    High Page Rank

There is a benefit of search engine optimization when you have a responsive website. It does not give additional benefits, and rather the responsive websites show up first as the search engine prefers them over the regular website. They eliminate the need of having different URLs of the same website for various devices; it also has faster loading time.

4.    Save Time & Resource

The designers and developers don’t need to develop different websites for different devices. Having multiple versions of the same link is a headache for your team to manage, which in turn is an effort that will go in vain.  It is total wastage of the time and resources, and the final product will be of no worth. 

5.    Create Business Reputation

What makes your brand a leader in the industry? Yes, definitely the products and services. But apart from that, your website and your presence in the social circle also substantial. One can’t afford not to match the current industry standards which use responsive websites, so everyone does not have to open his PC to check your website. If it does not match the norm, it will send a negative message. 

6.    An Edge Over Your Competitors 

The concept of responsive websites is not too old, but many businesses are running the same old website which looks cliché when you check it on the smartphone. There are around 90% small and medium enterprises that have not moved to responsive websites. So, if you have one, you’ll surely get an edge.  

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