What are the things that attract visitors? Of course, images, graphics, colours, and fonts pull audients to your website. But, apart from these visible elements, some invisible aspects(like whitespaces) play an inevitable role. So, when designing a particular website, you must keep it in mind.

Mostly, web designers leave negative spaces between the elements, which people refer to as whitespaces. However, this useless whitespace can be filled with creative content and used to engage people with elements. How? Let’s find out.

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What is a Whitespace?

For a non-technical person, whitespace is the blank space on a webpage. According to experts, whitespace has no print over it, while the entire website comprises the text, design and graphics.

In simple words, whitespaces are the empty spaces along the elements and texts on a web page. Whitespaces can be both vertical and horizontal in shape. Web designers often implement two kinds of whitespace characters. The space that separates the elements from one another is also known as whitespace. It also includes space like margin spaces, padding around pictures, and text blocks.

The space between the text lines and the words can be counted under whitespace. Whitespace can be in any colour, white, black, or another. It is not mandatory to keep the whitespace in white colour. In other words, whitespace is where the designers have not placed any elements.

Effects of Whitespace on Web Design

1. Legibility    

Whitespace can increase the readability of the content. For example, as a web designer or a business owner, you must use a tiny font that leaves only a few whitespaces. By doing this, you will be able to make the content on the website readable for visitors. 

The websites of the leading newspapers have multiple columns of text with minimum margin spaces between them. And the readability of the content can be increased with the margins and spaces used between the columns.

2. Tone

Whitespaces can enhance the quality of web design. In short, the elegant website design is directly proportional to the number of whitespaces. For example, there are minimum negative spaces in print advertisements of popular magazines. It is because the advertisements are designed with texts of small fonts to leave maximum space for the graphics and other exciting things.

3. Comprehension

While reading the book, you would have noticed how intentionally whitespace is kept between the paragraphs and sentences. Honestly, it grabs the reader’s attention.

Now, if you come to a page with no space between the sentences and paragraphs, you will get annoyed as it causes strain to your eyes and head.

Readers can understand what they are reading if there is proper whitespace between texts and paragraphs.

4. Interaction

Whitespace increases user interaction on the website, which is evident. It takes the user where they want to go and what action they should take next. A website stuffed with many things, unknowingly or unknowingly, can end up annoying your website user. As a result, you can lose your visitors and become the reason for increased website traffic for your competitors.

Highlights the essential things; try to include as fewer elements as possible. For example, include the whitespace around the essential elements of the website so that your website visitor does switch to any other website because of the lousy design.

5. CTA’s and Whitespaces are Closely Related

As you have read above, that whitespace grabs the visitor’s attention. Since Call to Action (CTA) is essential for a website and should grab more eyeballs, so whitespace around CTA can make a difference.

Eye-catching graphics and designing excellent links and tabs are lovely. Still, you can keep whitespace around the virtual objects to attract users. 

How can Dream Steps Technologies Help You?

Remember, making your web design full of different components won’t work in your favour; instead, you reduce elements and add some whitespace. Unfortunately, these components also slow down your website’s loading speed. 

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