Whether you choose custom web development or a template-based website, it will mostly depend upon your requirement. But hiring the top web development agency in India will make your job easier  If you are a single user whose objective is to grow a personal brand and you are only looking to update blogs/content for your audience, then a template-based website will be a good fit for you. But there will also be limitations 

Template-based websites are good for users whose sole objective is to maintain their online presence. They want their audience to know that they exist. They want to showcase authenticity. But the same cannot be said for a business or a startup. The purpose of businesses is to drive traffic and convert them into sales. 

But what if the balance is equal? What if the objectives on both sides are to sell and establish a business? 


Read along. The real deal is about to crack open.

Custom Web Development or Template-Based Development? Which is Better?

Template-based websites would look very similar to most of the other sites you see on the internet. That’s because there are very slight differences in the templates. On the other hand, if you hire the top web development agency for the custom development of your website, you will be able to put your thoughts and ideas into perspective and not have to worry about the limitations of template-based websites. You can curate your website the way you want it to appear. 

Now, the question arises - 

Do you have the skills to develop a custom website? 

If yes, then do you have the time to develop a custom website? 

Let us first have a look at what custom-developed websites can offer you.

Benefits of Custom Web Development by Top Web Development Agency 

As a business owner, I know choosing between a custom-developed website and a template-based website is tough. So, to make your job easier we’ve decided to put forwards the pros and cons of each choice. You’ll gain more clarity and also have liberty. 

Once you realise that to simplify the complexities of your business, you need a top web development agency. And choosing that is another headache we’ll try to solve in another blog.

For now, let’s have a look at the advantages of a custom-developed website.

High ROI and conversion rate

A custom-built website will undoubtedly have a higher conversion rate because you have the liberty to customize the design according to your target audience. And sales are the first priority of any business, thereby increasing the profits of your business. 

User Experience and Visual Effectiveness

The aesthetics of a website grab user attention like nothing else. With the top web development agency, the custom development of your website can be turned into more visually appealing and attractive. 

Custom-developed websites add to a smooth user experience. That’s because the top web development agency customizes websites while keeping in mind the objectives of the business to target the desired audience. 

Localization and Personalization 

No one likes to interact with robots. That too online. The 21st-century social media users are more advanced both in terms of the content they consume and the way the demands they set. And they can only be impressed with a custom website that matches all their needs and also goes beyond those expectations. 

The top web development agency knows this and thus develops a customized website based on demographics and interests/choices as well. This is an unparalleled advantage of a custom-developed website over a template-based website. 

SEO Optimised and Visibility on the Internet

One of the most important aspects of a business is to grow it organically. And a custom-developed website is an SEO-optimised website that helps you achieve significant search engine rankings. Even search engines prefer customised websites that are more personalised and add to a good user experience. 

Another important factor of search engine ranking is the mobile optimised SEO which is easily conducted in custom web development. And this is actually missing from a template-based website. 

Why do Template-Based Websites Underperform?

The toughest part is to find the right template for all your needs. And it’s impossible to find a template that fits all your needs. That’s why you’ll have to compromise on some points. Moreover, a custom website developed by a top web development agency will outperform a template-based website any day. A custom-developed website runs smoother, loads faster, is more responsive, and most importantly - optimised for all your device types. 

  • Template-based websites look very fancy. Because it’s easier to build using a drag-and-drop tool as if it’s a game of Tetris. But neither web development is a puzzle that needs solving, nor template-based websites let us do as we wish. One has to abide by the template and process accordingly. 

  • It's bad because the visual builder software that enables "drag and drop" also compresses lines of code of every element on the site. 

  • The difference between the top web development agency and an average agency is that an average agency would try to trick you into choosing a template, whereas a top web development agency would advise you to choose a theme. 

  • A template is not customisable, whereas a theme can be customized according to your needs and requirements. 

  • With templates, you have the freedom to change again and again. And this change of templates can confuse your audience and they won’t be able to recognize you. This would lead to a loss of a lot of traffic. 

Template-based websites may look like cookie clutter. So, if you’re still choosing it, make sure to simplify it for your audience. 

Reasons You Would Choose a Template-Based Website

If you don’t want the assistance of the top web development agencies in India and instead want to choose a template-based website, these could be the possible reasons.

  1. You are on a time constraint. 

And you have no time to plan, but you just want to get it done.

  1. You don’t know how to code. 

And you don’t want external help either.

  1. You are on a limited budget. 

And you are okay to cut the cost here and face losses in other aspects. 

  1. You want a very simple and minimalistic website.

And you are okay if there are no other functionalities on your website that will improve your users’ experiences.

Why Should You Hire a Top Web Development Agency?

An average agency would only try to get the job done. And you need a lot more than just having a theme and fitting it into the template you have imagined. So, if you’re really looking to develop a custom website, you will have to be careful with who you choose. If you’re looking for the best outcome, then choose the best web development agency for your needs. 

How can Dream Steps Technologies Help You?

Dream Steps has a team of expert developers and UX/UI designers who work on projects collectively as a team. This helps them in brainstorming and think out of the box. They have an average of 7+ years of experience in design and development. 

We are the top web development agency in India because we have worked on over 10000 projects ever since our inception. We started as a web development agency and we went on to specialise in this field. 

Our results have always benefitted our clients and we don’t just work on delivering their projects, but we also develop a fruitful relationship with them over time. 

We believe that - Together we can dream great things and turn them into reality. 

Because together, we can. 


Let’s talk. Reach out to us.

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