1. Page Speed 

In 2022, 2-3 seconds is the threshold where website bounce rates skyrocket. And given our lessening attention span of us due to innocuous blessings in the form of Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, even God will have to answer our prayers very quickly now. Yes, we have grown that impatient and want things to happen fast. 

Jokes apart, your website’s loading speed will matter the most in 2023. 

2. Accessibility 

Website tools and technologies are now designed so people with disabilities can use them effectively. Moreover, this trend will rise in 2023 because of the popularity of websites among businesses and solopreneurs. 

For example, image alt text, keyboard accessibility, sequential heading structure, etc. 

3. Custom Illustrations 

Web pages replacing stock or random images with custom illustrations are becoming more popular. They set the tone and mood of the visitors and catch their attention. 

They also help in speeding up their pages. It will make your website more Google-friendly, as Google has repeatedly highlighted the importance of less loading time. 

What’s more important to notice here is that these custom illustrations will be unique to your website. They cannot be found anywhere else on the web. 

It is the right time to invest your time and effort in this trend and take your website to new heights in 2023. 

4. Parallax Scrolling 

It’s a trend where the background content(especially an image) scrolls at a relatively different speed than the foreground content while scrolling. Such pages' benefit is presenting the audience with both text and images for a fair understanding. In addition, it adds clarity to what you are talking about. 

These trends are popular with eCommerce websites. 

5. Use of whitespace 

The purpose of whitespace is to serve a better presentation to the audience. Whitespace balances the page’s design. It also organises the elements of the web page. 

It gives an overall better user experience in terms of visual design.

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6. Micro Animations 

While animations are familiar to websites, we expect this trend to grow in the coming year. Animations make people pause, process what they just witnessed, and be either surprised or shocked by it. 

It entirely depends upon what you choose to animate. Just make sure you don’t animate a dinosaur. 

Minimalistic animations add life to a website page. Especially animated cursors are doing the rounds these days. Most startups prefer minimal animations on web pages to reveal the content/text.

7. Artificial Intelligence

AI serves to analyse your existing customer base and identity trends, helping you strategise your growth. In addition, it helps in better optimisation of your web pages. 

8. More Videos 

Integrating videos on websites will be critical to selling in 2023. We have all seen images on most eCommerce platforms, while some have already incorporated videos. These sites have seen more conversions. 

With the influencer economy already multiplying, you will likely get videos about your product that appeal more to your customers than any Google ad will ever. 

9. Minimalism 

Not only are minimalistic websites aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but they are also navigable and easier to streamline. Moreover, it ensures that your visitors are focused on your web page's purpose, i.e., to educate and convert your traffic to buy from you. 

Minimalistic and responsive websites are suitable for mobile versions because they load fast and present more information while taking up less screen space. 

10. Integration of Instagram 

Although Instagram integration has been there for ages, today, many more tools are available that help display reels on your websites to increase conversion rate. 

This trend has been on the rise for eCommerce websites. It eases the customer’s requirement to learn about a product upfront. 

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