Change is definite and necessary, so technology evolves constantly for better advancements. Web design is a field of creative experiments to keep the website riveting for the users. As a web designer, you should create something between the current trend and old things to keep the website alive forever.  As we bid farewell to 2018 recently, here are nine web design trends that will certainly rule in 2019. 

1.    Mandatory Mobile First Design

You have seen an upsurge of internet usage on mobile devices but now it has become mandatory. Since Google has announced that mobile-friendly websites will dominate and get priority on the search engine.  There are two things in web design – Progressive Advancement & Graceful Degradation. In 2018, web design services in India was working on Graceful Degradation, which means the product designs start from the advanced end like desktop or table then make it compatible for mobile devices. 

But in 2019, what you need is Progressive Advancement, which emphasizes making mobile first design and advanced functionalities are added to desktop or PC versions later. 

2.    Asymmetrical / Broken Grid Layouts

The grid is used in designing newspaper layout and advertisements for a long time. During website designing, a designer places various elements on the page in an organized manner using the grid. It maintains consistency across all devices in a time when users browse websites on different sized desktops, laptops, phones and tablets. 

A coin has two faces. The grid is beneficiary but it, sometimes, stifles creativity. A designer should not hesitate to break out the grid and aligning things for more visual interest.  

3.    More depth / Flat design 2.0

Today, smartphones are everywhere and data plans have become affordable now. But what’s missing is fast internet speed. If your business has a global presence, you can’t lose visitors where internet speed is relatively low.  Thus, you need a fast loading website. Earlier, web designer expert in India goes for flat designs which uses simple interfaces, bright colours and emphasis on minimalism. Now, Flat 2.0 gained prominence. It creates depth using gradients, highlights and shadows. It gives a clue to the user with use of shadows around a button or card that he/she can take action. 

4.    Video vs Text/Image

Videos will always have an edge over the static imagery since it seizes the users’ attention immediately. Users spend more time on websites with video. It increases the chance that they can take an action. It will help increase search engine optimization and give you higher search rankings. Use of video in the hero area goes incredibly well for the users. 

5.    Effective Use of Whitespace

Whitespace area should not be too large or too little. It gives the eye a rest over the bright element and makes it more noticeable aesthetic design. It is a substantial part of web design and should be used effectively by web designers. 

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6.    Typography

Typography has gained prominence over the years where a designer gets creative liberty. Now, you can do a lot of experiments with typography on the web. It is going to become a new website design trend this year. Experiments like intentionally cutting or subtracting parts of letter and world, photos insides typography, animating typography, etc. 

7.    Experiment with Hero/header areas

Hero or header areas, mostly, feature a big image that place of most space with some text on the image to drive more attention. Last few years, there have not been many experiments done with the hero. There is a lot to explore in this area than using a typical full-width image with text. Web designers are also using videos in hero or header areas. 

8.    Monochromatic Web Design

If you think only colourful websites increases ROI then you are wrong. Creativity is using everything and breaking the popular myths. Many designers are experimenting with colours and creating monochromatic web designs.  And it drastically enhanced the design and users like these websites since this is unique to them. The black and white websites are not new but look different from two-five colour combination. In 2019, you will get to see many more without colour or only black & white. 

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9.    Overlapping Design Elements

If design elements overlap each other maintain the visual interest of the user. It is helpful since the users/visitors are accustomed to seeing all things in an organized manner. This trend of overlapping elements is likely to gain more visitors. But, remember, if it is not done well, it can create confusion among the users while navigating through the website. 

Year by year, web design technology is evolving. 2018 has brought some new things, 2019 will take them to a next level. One thing is sure that you can experiment with almost every element on the web page.

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